I am a writer, assistant professor, and writing center director interested in the interplay between humans, their possessions, and the writing process.

  • What objects did your families let you purchase when you went back-to-school shopping as a child?
  • How did your early possessions help you to form a schooling identity and impact your literacy
  • At what point did you begin to develop a writing identity, and what goods assisted in this development?
  • What access to materials did you have as a child and adolescent, through what creative means did your parents acquire them, and how did this access impact your schooling identity?
  • Why are academic and workplace writing considered separately from other so-called “creative” arts, and how does this culturally constructed terminology negatively impact those who practice these forms of writing?
  • How do individuals use objects or construct writing “habitats” to deal with these negative impacts and to construct a more positive or personalized identity around writing?

The above are the kinds of questions my research pursues and answers.